Escherichia coli

She reports huge pain improvement after one session.

Lady explains that she fainted and when she woke up, she realized she was at the hospital. She complained of extreme headaches and back, hip and leg pain. Doctors run blood test, CAT Scan, X-Rays and nothing showed up. She stayed 3 days at the hospital and after no physical evidence she was told that the back, hip and leg pain was the sciatic nerve and gave some pain killers for headaches. As soon she was let go from the hospital she call desperately to make and an appointment for Biomagnetism treatment. "Please, get me an appointment right now, I feel my head is going to exploite" she said.  She had a Biomagnetism and microcurrents session with back alignment. The same night she went home with almost no pain in head and body, but according with biomagnetism she was under the "Tumor Fenomenum" making aggressive effect; reason why she was asked to come back in 3 days. The video shows the improvement after 3 days on her second session.


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Part 2. After one session, same day!

Female  with skin problems on lips, reports that gets this problems once in a while. Always using creams for the irritation but nothing seems to work. She gets one session in February 2018 and when she came for a second session the following month the irritation went away. She has not reported that the problem got back since then.

A man, according with his main Doctor was diagnosed with Escherichia coli . and being treated with antibiotics. Reports stomachaches with no improvement. Pain was so strong that make him bend embracing his stomach with his arms. He got one session and due his duties needed to travel out of the country. He reported to feel better after one session with Biomagnetim and no need to come back.

In Advanced Biomagnetism Center we are helping to relieve pain, balancing the pH in the body and organs, improving relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health, speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness.

We have a lot of testimonies, some of them are reflected on blood test from your Doctor's Lab, others are not visible (meaning we  can not show pictures) but people are reporting improvement in their symptoms). Here are some of our most recently testimonies :


12 years old boy, diagnosed with Lupus at age 4.

Symptoms: Butterfly-shaped rash on the face, fatigue, skin lesions, join pain, SOB.

Every time parents lowered meds kid started to have reaction right away.

After 1 session parent noticed improvement; session were continued until next Doctor appointment and do blood work. Total of sessions 3.

Doctor starts noticing improvement physical and blood work; he decided to do more studies. They find everything normal and decided to stop medication.

Parents had stop medication since first biomagnetism session and he had no reaction.

Parents report kid doing well and healthy, doing sports and improve on behavior and IQ.



Part 1.Before Session