Pair of shoes for practitioners (One size fits most people) $80 dlls

Start up kit

30 Neodymium magnets 1" w N52

20 Neodymium magnets 3/4" w N52

10 Neodymium magnets 3/8" w N52

Base board holder

Total= TBD

or order the amount of magnets you want!!!

Total Value = TBD

1' W Neodymium magnets N52 (1,800 gauss aprox).  $7.5/each

3/4" W Neodymium magnets N52 (2,200 gauss aprox). $5 dlls/each

NOTE: The total gauss units are given based on the gauss-meter  measurement. This might be different of what sellers claim (some say more that 10,000 gauss). The grade  (N number) given is according to sellers which is another way to difference the strenght of the magnets; N52 is the most powerful grade of a neodymium magnet.

If want to have more info about gauss, grade, strenght of a magnet check

1/2" W Neodymium magnets N52 (2,500 gauss aprox.) $5 dlls/each