Biomagnetism is the science that studies the magnetic fields generated in living things, which helps to understand the phenomena of the Biomagnetic Pair.

What is the Biomagnetism?

This technique consists in positioning different magnets on the body to treat disease; this is achieved by a kinesiology test, consisting of a functional shortening of the right lower limb, that is in imbalance, after the magnet is positioned in a specific area of ​​the body. Such shortening is corrected, then, positioning another magnet of the opposite polarity in another specific area within the anatomy - Topographic person reference system, according to a methodology described by its discoverer, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

Once the magnets are positioned over the body, they are left there for about 10 or 20 minutes, to reach an equilibrium between those points that are unbalanced and in bio-resonance, that is, to correct a Biomagnetic Par. Once corrected, we can expect an improvement in the patient’s health.

Biomagnetic Therapy is different that magnet therapy. Magnet therapy has been applied with one polar principle just for dysfunction or injuries. In Medical Biomagnetism it uses both polarities of the magnets in pairs at the same time in order to balance the ph in the body.

What are the benefits of Biomagnetism?

The medical Biomagnetismo corrects the ionic alteration and recovers the lost balance on the body. Among its benefits are:

1. Compatibility with any other alternative therapy and can also be used simultaneously with traditional allopathic treatments.

2. This system aims to detect distortions pH of the body to know the pathologies. The pH of the body is designed to gravitate in a near neutral system and medium - intensity magnetic fields to detect where the pH is being distorted.

3. Theoretically, Biomagnetism correction has an effect on all energy distortions that are housed in a diseased organism, whatever their origins are.

4. In practice, this therapy shows that applying magnets determined force and polarity at specific points on the body, it manages to exterminate in short time viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, which cause the most serious diseases.

5. Given the fact that every patient is unique, the success of Biomagnetic therapy depends on various factors, such as age, nutritional status, toxic load, disease duration, previously taken medicine, injuries they are already in place in your body, among others.

6. As an energizer, we found that the active positive (+) promotes and strengthens the biological processes in the body, and is dynamic, vitalizing and providing energy. Therefore, it is particularly suitable in cases of muscle weakness and lacerations, broken bones and ligaments, sprains, rehabilitation, wound healing, among others.

7. The negative (-) pole on the magnet is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and stops harmful processes to the body and is intended primarily for calm or suppress pain.

8. From the first or second session the patient begins to notice positive changes in his health. On average, for chronic cases, it would be required to take 4 or 5 additional treatments, but the actual amount would be subject to the evolution of every patient.

In what diseases can be used this technique?

It can be used in virtually all diseases, genetic, immunologic and environmental; mainly infectious, chronic degenerative, metabolic, dysfunctional, autoimmune, psycho-emotional, tumor diseases and poisoning; PB technique works by decreasing clinical symptoms, rehabilitating the different functions in the body and restoring the health of people; obtaining clinical improvement in a number of cases, avoiding adverse effects of conventional treatments, intoxication, drug overdose or anaphylaxis, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing the risks of infection, bleeding or surgical complications and hospitalization times, convalescence and rehabilitation. Among which may be mentioned acne, adrenal fatigue, allergies, Alzheimer, anemia, anxiety, arrhythmia, arthritis, asthma, disorder, attention deficit disorder, autism, avian flu, back pain, cancer, chlamydia, sinusitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, Crohn's disease, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, digestive disorders, Ebola virus, emotional problems, imbalanced energetic, epilepsy, fungus fibromyalgia, glandular dysfunctions, gastritis, Herpes genital, giardiasis, gonorrhea , heart disease, hepatitis, human papilloma virus, high cholesterol, hypertension, HIV / AIDS, infertility, impotence, kidney disease, Lyme disease, low libido, menopause and PMS symptoms, meningitis, respiratory syndrome East (MERS), migraines, Parkinson, parasites, poor circulation, psoriasis, pulmonary disorders, reflux, skin disorders, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sciatica, strep throat, stress, stroke, tendinitis, tennis elbow tuberculosis, ulcers, varices , Zika virus and many other diseases...


    Please wear comfortable clothing without metals such as zippers or studs.

    Sport or yoga Wear, T-Shirts, light weight pants with no elastic waist band are recommended.

    Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for your comfort.

    Try to avoid such fabric as satin, which makes magnets more susceptible to falling off.

    Please bring a pair of socks.

    You will be asked to take off all watches and accessories beforehand.

    Please try to make an appointment on the day that you have time to relax afterwards, you may feel sleepy after the session.